rainy day quilts

Monday, September 11, 2017

Taren @thecursivequilter is such a dear friend of mine, and when she saw this rainy day jr free quilt pattern on IG, she texted me saying we should make it. I remember, because it was nighttime, the little was asleep, it was freezing cold in my house and I couldn't find pants, and I was wrapped up in a blanket digging up fabric for this sweet baby quilt. Ya'll, this is the prime example of sewing + quilting being therapeutic. She sent me hers to quilt up in the same tiny rainbows once it was finished. Matching rainbow quilts for our sweet babies.

She went with an aqua minky for her backing (my absolute favorite for any quilts, but especially baby quilts!!) while I went with the bees from the new Cotton + Steel line Magic Forest. I just love them. Haley hand bound my quilt for me (duh) and, as always, it is absolute perfection.


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