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Monday, September 4, 2017

Quilting for Haley (@happinessinthemaking) is such a joy, and I love love love that she is one of my real life besties. She is exactly who she appears to be on IG in real life, and the most chill person you have ever met. I think almost every quilt she has handed to me she's said, "Just do whatever you want with it!" So when she brought over her newest moda bake shop pattern, I sent her a couple of designs and her response to the rainbows was "winner winner chicken dinner"! ;) And they are PERFECT for it.

You can check out her entire free pattern on moda bake shop. I feel like it is the most perfect quilt for a camper or something like that, since it's so big and bold, and it shows off a quilting pattern so well with all of the negative space! And that creekside fabric?! DARLING.

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