redefining this space

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ya'll, it's been ten months since I have posted here. I kind of sat, just staring at this screen thinking, 'What do I even write after ten months of silence?'

Whatever the heck I want. ha.

I'm redefining this space, ya'll. Not that anyone actually follows it to keep up with us anymore... and I'm okay with that. But as a space where I can grow within my community of makers, mamas, quilters, and just be an encouragement in a world that is sometimes not.

You'll still find plenty of posts about the little, about the dogs + chickens, and our life in general. I'm sure as things inspire me, whether that be through quilting or coffee or babies or home-stuff, I'll post about it here. Inspiration is good for the soul, especially when it's multifaceted.

So to all the new faces, hi. I am truly so glad you're here. Let's create and encourage and inspire alongside one another.

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