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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our house was a custom build for a couple that owned a corn dog food truck business (random, I know). Their kitchen was designed with a place for two full sized fridges, right across from each other. We considered tearing down this awkward mini wall, but it was going to involve new flooring throughout our kitchen + living space, and that wasn't something we were interested in. We opted to make that space into a little coffee bar.

Here's some "befores" when I did our first walk through after our offer was accepted, just to jog your memory of what we were starting with:

And when we started to work on our house during the in-between phase of our renters leaving + us moving in:

Nothing in our home had been updated since 1993 when it was built (or so it seemed...) so we were very excited to give our kitchen a little bit of character and bring it up to speed on our style. Austen found a furniture company who also make kitchen islands to design and build an island and matching cabinet for our coffee bar. They stained the butcher block tops to match our dining table, which was handmade in the 1970's and given to us by Austen's grandmother. We asked for a sage green on the base of both and love the pop of color while still feeling very neutral.

Still on our to-do list is to stain our cabinets the same color as the butcher block tops, replace the countertops with a granite, and the backsplash. I'm leaning towards some sort of a brick backsplash or something with a little more pattern than just subway tile, and completely open to granite suggestions from a family friend who knows this kind of stuff inside + out.

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