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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For a week after Austen made it back to Texas (11 days after the babe and I moved home), he and my dad worked their tails off to update our house. They painted all of the ceilings white, the walls a warm grey, installed canned lights in the kitchen as well as in the front entry. They ripped up carpeting in three bedrooms, which was quite the project considering our renters had a cat and Austen + my parents are allergic.

While the boys worked on the house, my momma and I stayed home with two toddlers under two years old. There were nights that I wasn't quite sure who had the harder gig. ;)

There are handfuls of things we will continue to update and work on, but we wanted to be sure that the big ticket items that would be difficult to live in while they were completed got done before our move in date. We were so happy with how a little paint and some canned lights could completely change the feel of the house, and that no carpets got rid of the smell we all so hated!

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