Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the acre || backyard style

There were so many selling points in our house, but one thing we loved is the huge backyard + covered back patio. Ya'll, when I say "huge" I really do mean it. It would seriously make Joanna Gaines see hearts with all of the possibilities and its natural ability to fit an oversized farmhouse table. We knew we wanted the backyard to have an eclectic, almost hippie feel to it with some farm flair mixed in. We live in a rural community, so there are lots of farm animals around us. There is nothing like going for a walk as a little family and seeing chickens roaming on front porches. We love it so much, we hope chickens and goats are in our near future. Well, I'm hoping for goats...the husband is not quite convinced that we need pygmy goats running around. Regardless, our backyard needs to be accommodating to some small animals (+ the dogs and babies), as well as be visually pleasing.

Here's some of our inspiration for our backyard and patio.

So who has tips on chickens + goats, and who thinks we are absolutely nuts for wanting a little farm in our backyard??

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