friday loves vol. 8

Friday, July 29, 2016

1 || We had something to return to Williams Sonoma, but their return policy had changed so we were given store credit that had to be used that day. Austen gave me a couple of his favorite items in the store, all things we needed, and asked me to pick. We ended up getting a new toaster (#adulting) and a burr grinder. I think we are officially hipsters with our coffee in a chemex.

2 || There has been light rain here off and on all week, and after a light shower that lasted a couple of hours, Austen mentioned he wanted to pull up just the bushes that were in front of our porch. I teased him saying he should pull them all out, you know, Pokemon Go style, "Gotta pull them all!" I took Sophia out of her bath and noticed he was getting after all of them! Be still my acts of service loving heart. There were 22 bushes to start with (I know...) and he got 18 of them pulled. We're waiting on the last 4 to determine if they'll stay with the landscaping there or not.

3 || Purification + Lemon in the diffusers is my new afternoon pick me up. In the evenings, it's Cedarwood + Lavender. All the heart eyes.

4 || Speaking of Cedarwood + Lavender. I've been putting this combo in the babe's nursery at night and our non sleeper has been sleeping until 5:00am! We bring her to bed with us at that point because mama loves a snuggle, but we can barely believe it.

5 || Taco Tuesdays. We have a Fuzzy's Taco Shop right by our house and Taco Tuesdays are about to become a thing at the acre house. $1 tacos and lots of laughter around our sweet table.

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