friday loves vol. 6

Friday, July 8, 2016

1 || Not many of our houseplants survived the two day drive from Las Vegas to North Texas, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how perky my two white peonies were! I should have guessed, because they were already used to triple digits. I've had them in their pot under the window I want to plant them at, giving them a sort of trial run in that spot before I plant them. I cannot wait to wake up to big white blooms out of our bedroom window next year!

SW Agreeable Gray on the left || original paint on the right 

2 || Oh, the difference that new paint makes! Austen and my dad worked hard on so many little projects, but specifically to get the ceilings a fresh coat of white and the walls a warm grey before we moved everything in. They were originally a grey that pulled a lot of blue and purple tones, which is so very much not our style. At first, we planned on Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter for the walls but we were able to get a discount on Sherwin Williams colors. After some unexpected expenses at the house, we went with SW from a cost standpoint. We love my parents' house color and copied it in ours. I am so happy with the way SW Agreeable Gray turned out in our house! It pulls a lot of warm tones during the day with all of the incredible natural light we get, and I love that.

3 || Candelles had a 4th of July sale on their whole website and I was so excited to snag pink champagne and freshly brewed candles with free shipping. I love their scents and their company ethics, so anytime there is a free shipping sale (one of their best deals if you're not ordering a ton, in my opinion), jump on it!

4 || Young Living's Progessence Plus has been a part of my nightly routine for almost a month now. My goal is to be really consistent with it in the coming months, but I can already tell it has been supporting hormones in my body for the better. Especially after two years of pregnancy + nursing hormones.

5 || All the praise hands for being just minutes from my parents, and for their newly renovated pool! They put a sun bathing deck in for the babies, and it is perfect. The littles hangout and splash there, jumping into mama and daddy arms, while everyone else can enjoy the deep end. My parents have joked that they'll start charging admission since we all want to be here all the time.

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