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Monday, July 18, 2016

A sweet friend of mine recently reached out to me asking for a favor. She shared with me about a high school friend of hers who lost their son two days after he turned one year old, their blue eyed boy, and the heartache and grieving this family has had to go through. About how bittersweet it has been for their family to find out they are expecting again almost a year later even as this baby was planned for.

I had chills as she told me little bits and pieces, but when she shared their Go Fund Me page, I cried. This sweet little boy had two adoring older siblings, a brother and sister, and how he laughed at their silly antics. My heart broke for his mama when she wrote on the page that his autopsy showed nothing wrong and his death had no answer, no closure.

Then my friend shared how hard it has been emotionally on their family to find out they are expecting again, even though he was planned for and deeply wanted. Another son. The joy in feeling that he is their gift from the son they lost. The pain in knowing he will never be with them physically again. She told me that only their close friends and family know, and she's due in a few short months. How hard it must be to feel so much grief that joy over a new life feels selfish.

I just can't even imagine.

And I want to change that for them, even if just for a moment, if just a little bit. To give them a way to celebrate both of their sons' lives.

So my friend and I want to wrap this family up in love as they both honor their son who passed and welcome their new son into their lives, their rainbow baby. We are organizing a block donation in their honor (full details below). I will piece the quilt top together + long arm quilt it as a gift to this sweet family for their rainbow baby.

I know there are a dozen of quilt block donations as tragedies strike our country and our small communities. I was almost hesitant to even put this together, but I feel like it's necessary to at least try. I know firsthand how important a village is in raising littles, and I truly believe that village is even more important in supporting a grieving family. Whether they grieve in private within their circle of friends, or publicly on social media and blogs. This is a chance to wrap a family up in physical love and warmth.

If you can help donate blocks, I will make the quilt top as big as can be for this lovely family, and a baby blanket with any additional blocks if we hit queen/king sized for the first quilt. Even just a cozy lap quilt for them to cuddle up with during middle of the night feedings or movie nights would make me so happy to gift them from our loving quilting tribe!

blocks || 10" finished heart blocks from cluck cluck sews
fabric || rainbow of colors/patterns with a white background
due || Friday, September 2, 2016
email address for questions + physical address ||

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