leaving las vegas

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Funny how a place sort of works its way into your heart, because I've had all the feels about leaving. I bawled my eyes out in Austen's lap on my last day of work, saying how my principal had a kinder position open up and I wanted to take it but couldn't. One of my very best (& longest) friends here came over the other night and we laughed as we walked down memory lane. Austen came in to us doubled over laughing and I told him while we might not miss the city, I sure will miss the people. There have been pool parties with friends, and playdates in our family room with sleeping babies in arms. This place has held a lot of sweet moments for us.

We've lived in this same home for 5 1/2 years. It's seen a lot. From all-nighter parties with friends to hosting Austen's best friend for 5 weeks. My little sister's 21st birthday weekend, to my entire family for my college graduation. There was a fair share of fighting and loving, slamming doors and making up. It was a safe place for my best friend as she went through her divorce and needed a place to stay. It saw my whole first pregnancy and was the home we brought our baby home to. This house that felt so cold for so long became a home I will dearly miss.

Part of me will miss the Air Force, too. I loved the whole idea and patriotism behind being an Air Force wife, but it is so much more than any of the shows or books tell. We were blessed to not have any deployments during his military career, but it handed us more than we ever could have known.

I will so miss living on Nellis AFB; "the small town in the big city". I loved every second of teaching at Lomie Heard elementary school. I'll miss the 360* view of mountains surrounding us, especially Mt. Charleston at sunset. The three hour drive up to Brian Head for weekends skiing and eating at the best pizza place we've ever found. The 6:30am wake up to reveille and the 4:30pm honoring of the national anthem. Shocker, I'll even miss night time Red Flag exercises (but, maybe not a whole lot).

I realized the other day that I have lived in Las Vegas longer than I lived in Texas. We moved out here after my family had only been there for 3 1/2 years; this is the second longest place I've ever called home. While there is a whole lot of bittersweet in that realization for me, I am so excited to truly make Texas home again, but this time with our little family.

So here's to Las Vegas. Who would have thought that the city I never even wanted to visit would be so hard to leave.

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