friday loves vol. 4

Friday, June 17, 2016

We are in the throes of packing our house for the cross country move, so I feel like everything I've been loving lately revolves are productivity of packing. So coffee is my #1 right now. I'm actually trying to control my coffee consumption, because I'm borderline out of control. I'm talking coffee in the late afternoon because I'm exhausted (hello, toddler) but still have to pack (hello, moving). I'm a simple coffee girl in the mornings: freshly ground whole beans Whole Foods Blend (the perfect blend of light + dark beans) with hazelnut almond creamer + almond milk. On my coffee runs later, I'm an iced caramel macchiato made with coconut milk kind of girl. Always.

Lots of dance party breaks are keeping our sanity. It helps that my kid is adorable and has the best little moves.

Word World on the iPad when I need to pack without little hands "helping". We lock the screen and enjoy 30 minutes of her fully engaged in a non-dangerous activity.

If you haven't read the life changing magic of tidying up I highly suggest that you do. I read it back in November but have really been going through it now that we're packing up. It is so good. We donated the majority this past fall/winter, but for every box we pack, we've had at least 1/2-1 garbage bag to donate. My goal is to live like minimalists in Texas (except quilts, I will forever hoard quilts).


I love all ya'lls comments! I will try to either respond to your comment via the post or in email to ((hopefully)) create a more personal conversation.


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