friday loves vol. 2

Thursday, June 2, 2016

(a day early, because I have something really fun for tomorrow!)

Praise the Lord, it's summer break!! The mad dash of the school year has ended. The admin quilts have been gifted, the classroom has been packed up, the little hugs have been given to my sweet twenty second graders, and the days of yoga pants + top knots has begun. I am so excited to be home with our sweet girl all day, and to move across the country with our little fam back to North Texas.

In the meantime, I have been loving grounding essential oil by Young Living in our diffusers. It smells fabulous and has been such a great emotional support when everything is up in the air!

J.Crew pixie pants. They're like leggings, but much more fitted and put together. I love them with high boots, and really want to get a pair of cute tennies before we move (thanks, low costs at the BX) and style them with those.

Minky backed quilts are our new thing. Austen has requested that all of our quilts be backed with it now! We all love the cozy factor, but Sophia seems to particularly love the weight it adds. Nap times are fabulous and all, but curled up under a minky quilt? Heavenly.

Sophia has been loving these 360* sippy cups. My mom first recommended them to me after a speech pathologist recommended them to her. It's a natural shaped lid so it allows their little tongues to work in a more natural way than a nipple does. We balance it out and use both kinds, but Sophia loves these for water.

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