Friday, June 3, 2016

Freshly Picked moccs review + giveaway

It's no surprise that we love simplicity, especially when it comes to the babe. I do my best to keep her in outfits that are practical yet also cute, and one of our staples in her little wardrobe has been Freshly Picked moccs.

Austen loves how simple they are to get on before they go somewhere during the day, and how easy they are to slip off when she falls asleep. Simplicity in his day has been crucial since he works + watches her while I work, and these are his favorite shoe for her. I love how easy they are to clean after she runs around Whole Foods or the park. I still wear Sophia quite a bit, and they stay on great going in and out of our wrap. Not to mention are so cute when all you can really see are her shoes! She has worn them during her crawling and walking phases, and the quality of them has held up so well no matter how she uses them. Her outgrown pair is already tucked sweetly away for the day (if and when) we have another girl.

Susan Peterson has such an incredible story of how she built her business from the ground up, continues to pave the way through marketing + social media, and their customer service is unmatched.

And because Freshly Picked loves their customers (& you will seriously love their customer service!), they're giving away a pair! You get to pick the size and color, and all I ask is that you follow me on instagram (@katiegarrettquilts). If you would be so kind as to follow me on here too, it would be so appreciated! Plus, you'll know about the next giveaway right away. ;) 

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  1. My niece is turning 1 this summer and I'm dying to get her a pair of these for her birthday!


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