friday loves vol. 1

Friday, May 20, 2016

Silence is so good, sometimes. While I'm glad I was able to step away and take time to focus on other things, I'm also really happy to be back and writing here again. Here's a handful of things I have been loving lately!

obnoxious amounts of plants
Live plants, ya'll. I read an article once that grown ups don't put fake plants in their homes, and I cringed because we had one of those fake flower arrangements from Michaels. Out it went (I had been unsure of it for a while before anyways) and over a few years, I have slowly learned how to keep real plants alive. Now, I think I am a boarder line hoarder. We have 12, or something like that. They are just so fresh and spring-y and cheerful. I highly recommend cute little plants throughout your house.

I feel like these might just be a hippie night light that looks really cute, and I don't care if they are or if they do have health benefits. We have one in our family room that we keep on almost 24 hours a day and it's so much better than a night light in the hallway. Because yes, our 15 month old still wakes up throughout the night. If the hippie night light makes me happy at 3:15am, so be it. (& BB&B has 20% off coupons go out in the mail every so often, and they now carry salt lamps in their stores. you can thank me later.

gold spray paint
I want to spray paint all the boring things gold. It's ridiculous. We've been going through our house to finish donations and started packing up, and it's been fun to give a fresh life to pieces that serve a purpose but were otherwise kind of dull. Like the silver chains to a hanging planter, or old picture frames, or nursery bookends.

Freshly Picked moccs
If you haven't heard about FP moccs yet, you need to check them out stat. I love the brand that Susan Petersen built, her story of starting a small business without a college background, to Shark Tank, to just their customer service. Austen loves how easy they are to put on our wiggly toddler, and I love how dang cute they are. So much more to come on this (like a full review + giveaway!!) so stay close, ya'll.

easy, toddler-friendly meals
I feel like this deserves a blog post all for itself, so I probably will soon. But being a working mama from out of the house, any meals that are fast, minimal prep, and are things that we can all eat are a win-win-win in my book. And if it mentions "crock pot" anywhere in the directions, put it down for my meal planning.

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