quilting basics, vol. 2 -- patterns

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

There's nothing worse than starting a new hobby (or project), realizing it's too hard, then quitting halfway through. Trust me, I'm the worst at this. Or instead of quitting, I half-a** it and call it good, only to donate or throw it away not long after.

So in an effort to prevent that from happening for any wanna-be quilters, I've compiled a list of my favorite beginners quilt patterns. They are simple to read, simple to piece together (that's the quilt top), and - of course - can be as unique as you want them based on your fabric choices! And for those who are not beginners, they make really fast projects to whip up as gifts or to use up your stash (& have the excuse to buy more fabric).

jelly filled by thimble blossoms -- This is hands down my most recommended beginner quilt pattern. It uses a jelly roll (which is fabric precut into long 2 1/2 inch strips) and comes together so quick! I finished my jelly filled quilt in about two weeks, and that was with a newborn and teaching full time. So many of my quilty friends recommend this one, too. It's especially darling with some sashing (plain fabric in between each square).

charm pack by missouri star quilt co. -- When we had the Utah condo, I made this quilt for our bed. It's simple and comes together so quickly. You can really shake it up depending on your fabric choices, too. I chose to make ours alternating between patterned squares and solid squares, for a checkerboard sort of pattern. Charm packs are another precut that come in a pack of 5 inch squares.

dwell by thimble blossoms -- This is a link to her mini quilt, but the full sized pattern is in her book "simply retro" and is so darling!

scrappy log cabin -- There are lots of tutorials on how to make a log cabin quilt, but the scrappy version (not light + dark) is my favorite. Check out the instagram photo from @samanthaleeolsen for a great visual of how to sew it together! (then quarter it, and re-piece mix-matched ones).

charm pack church dash by sterling quilt co. -- This is for a baby quilt (or mini...I'll get into those another time) and absolutely adorable. I made one for Sophia and it took an afternoon, start to finish. It uses a charm pack and a little bit of additional fabric to cut for the background. If you added a chunky border or two, it could even make a nice little lap quilt.

times square from vintage quilt revival -- If you choose this one, know that your piecing is really simple, but you'll have to be pretty confident about your fabric cutting abilities. Even on our dining room table, it took a lot of measuring, holding the spot, moving, and continuing to measure on. That said, it's really darling. It's a more modern quilt top with a nesting pattern for the blocks and a lot of negative space for the background fabric. There are so many possibilities here, from a patterned background fabric (like I did with the vintage santas) or a solid color to show off the quilting pattern.

disappearing nine (or four) patch -- I have yet to make one, but have seen some crazy gorgeous ones, like my sweet friend, Jackie's!

I can't wait to share next about every quilter's favorite part of quilting... fabric choices!! And - hopefully - will get a video post with that one, too. ;)

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