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Friday, January 1, 2016

I feel like I didn't really have any huge expectations for the holiday season. I didn't want to. We didn't put up a Christmas tree, and we barely took out decorations. We spent about a week home for Christmas and just hung out for most of it. I was able to see a couple of friends at the very end of my trip, which is always so sweet, but overall it was very low key. I needed that this past month. After struggling with some anxiety and depression, feeling completely overwhelmed in the rush of the holiday was the last thing I needed. It felt so good to just "do life" with family and make simple memories. So not all of my goals happened, and that's okay. I like how December turned out. 

1. Finish December (& maybe the final block for January?) b&c swap blocks.
2. Finish For The Love and the life changing magic of tidying up.
3. Have Texas district applications + license application completed.
4. Plan out Sophia's first birthday party with Texas family + friends (and bawl my eyes out that she's going to be one soon!).
5. Finish little brother's quilt either in time for Christmas or his second birthday. 
6. Put together a blog recap of 2015 quilts and highlights from the year (aka: the Sophia show!).

January goals are:

1. Finish my b&c swap blocks, and begin b&c farm girl vintage swap blocks
2. Continue reading (because clearly other hobbies trump this, but I do enjoy the quietness of a book)
3. Begin the She Reads Truth Genesis bible study
4. Finish little brother's quilt in time for his second birthday
5. Take donation bags to the thrift store + get a tax write off 

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  1. so i saw your instagram post of all that stuff you were throwing out/donating! you'll have to tell me more about that book! steve and i need to get better about de-cluttering our home.


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