her first sickness

Monday, January 18, 2016

We made it ten and a half months without Sophia ever getting sick.

Good lord, it really sucks when babies get sick.

Austen noticed her fever early Monday afternoon. I was able to take off work Tuesday and Wednesday, but even Thursday, she still spiked her little fever up again. On Friday, Austen took her to the doctor despite the fact that her fever had already broke. It was their last sick appointment of the day and much later in the morning compared to when their appointments usually fill up, so I kind of felt like it was fate. Turns out, our sweet girl had roseola. Her rash appeared on Friday afternoon, which was the last symptom of the sickness.

At the beginning of the week, for three straight nights, we co-slept for a few hours (if not most of the night). Aka: Sophia roundhouse kicked me, the dogs tried to snuggle the baby, and I tried to keep everyone from (1) squashing each other, (2) falling off the bed, and (3) asleep until morning. The nights she did sleep in her crib, she screamed for an hour trying to fall asleep, but thrashed about in my arms if I tried to hold her. Then woke up like every other hour.

So basically, I lived off of coffee for the week. Not to mention the lovely timing that our first semester also had to be closed in grade book by Friday... So if you saw me at all that week, my hair had only been washed twice and I was drinking coffee twice a day. (you're welcome)

Some things we did that I do feel like helped her little case:

I nursed like she was a newborn all over again. She was breastfeeding every three hours, napping right afterwards, and cuddling nonstop. - We continued putting her essential oil blend of thieves + rc + lavender, all heavily diluted, on the bottom of her feet each night. There was also thieves in her diffuser at night, and in the diffusers in the family room. - Booger sucker. We had to pin her down more than once, but always worth it to keep her little airways clear of boogers. - When she was feverish, we kept her naked. We learned this from the EMT when my bonus brother had a febrile seizure. - Our choice was to not let her fever get above 101*, this is just what we were comfortable with. The pediatrician also confirmed our personal decision by saying this is recommended. I'm not afraid of a fever, but I also don't want her uncomfortable. -  A humidifier for her room. It is so stinkin' dry here (duh, we could throw a rock and hit Death Valley), and with all the junk she's exposed to, I think it helped just to pump a little extra moisture into the air (ya know, for all those boogers we were sucking out). 

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