Wednesday, January 13, 2016

reading... still reading the life changing magic of tidying up and for the love. what can I say? I'm a slow reader these days.
listening to... sam hunt on repeat. sophia loves to dance to it. oh, and those little einstein play toys which she loves but i hate have stuck in my brain.
trying... to finish quilt blocks for two swaps... yikes.
cooking... baked chicken. why is something so simple so good?
drinking... more coffee than I knew imaginable. also, the hubs got a chemex for Christmas and now I feel like the ultimate hipster.
loving... copious amounts of coffee. related: I should not text people in the morning before having had my coffee.
hating... babes being sick. seriously, I would take it all away if I could.
feeling... all the feels. I went through Sophia's baby clothes and donated ones that we never used/didn't absolutely love/didn't want for future babies, and was all sorts of emotional over it. we had tried for another baby, but it's just not God's timing right now for our family. I had thought I had come to a good place with that, but the emotions hit me all over again.
smelling... thieves in all the diffusers. did I mention we hate sicknesses?
ordering... wayyy too much bonnie & camille fabric. like I said, I'm in two swaps... (excuses, excuses)
considering... making the leap from elementary to middle school.
finishing... district applications in Texas, and really hoping I can land a job before we move back.
decorating... with only meaningful pieces. the rest have been donated or are being put away for the time being.

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  1. I had to Google 'chemex'. Looks so fancy and simple at the same time!

    Sorry to hear a baby isn't in the books for you right now. :-( When the time is right, Sophia will get a sibling. :-*


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