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Monday, December 14, 2015

One of my favorite things about the holidays with a baby are all the fun traditions. I knew I wanted to take Sophia to get pictures with Santa, and convinced Austen that we should get a couple as a family. We agreed that if they turned out good, we'd just use one for our family Christmas card. Two birds with one stone.

I found a Santa photos location that allows you to book an appointment so that you just show up, wait for 10 minutes, and can be in-and-out. Perfect for young families! The whole thing was such a breeze, and Santa + his house could not have been more adorable. It was Norman Rockwell themed with old radios set up around. I had major nostalgia because my dad collects vintage radios, and his mom had collected Norman Rockwell paintings. We had a room growing up affectionately called "the radio room" with both collections as decorations. Santa's house was straight out of my childhood.

Pictures with Santa were fast, especially since it's not like Sophia was going to ask for anything for Christmas. We took a few together as a family first, and then a couple of her alone.

Her, "I don't know about this," fake smile gets me every time. Note that her little fist is clamped on tight to my scarf, while Santa held her other hand. Also, the purple socks were the only clean ones I could find as we were leaving, and it was too cold to go without. We'll just count it as a win since at least her frog paci did not make it into the pictures!

AND, she hates Santa. I laughed when I saw the picture. Austen promised her she never has to sit on Santa's lap again. I explained it's like a rite of passage, and she'll be seeing Santa again next year.

Who else has childhood memories of visiting Santa each Christmas season? Or has that mean mom desire to capture all of those classic childhood moments, including the ones of your babe crying at Santa?

Let's count our blessings she won't remember this, and will laugh someday at the photos with us! ;)

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