december goals

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Here's a peek back at November's goals:

1. Finally catch up on b&c quilt swap blocks.
2. Continue reading For the Love, and if I finish, start Harry Potter
3. Clean out our closet and dressers (again...this is such a process!) and donate anything we don't use or love.
4. Clean out Sophia's clothes she has grown out of and donate anything she didn't use or that I loved (or might use for future baby girls).
5. Finish cutting fabric for one Christmas 2016 quilt + little brother's quilt.
6. Host Sophia's first Thanksgiving at our house with my in-laws (& maybe friends?), and perfect some recipes that I'm sure we will use lots during holidays in Texas.

Got to love a successful and productive month! I managed to get caught up on my b&c swap blocks, continued reading through FTL and also started the life changing magic of tidying up which I HIGHLY recommend! It's actually how I continued to declutter throughout the house. When you move from taking the car to drop off donations to using the truck bed, you know you're making good progress. ;) 

For December, I want to keep it simple again. We'll be spending the holiday with family so I don't want to put too many expectations on myself (or my little family) and feel defeated. I want to soak up Sophia's first Christmas without feeling stressed. 

1. Finish December (& maybe the final block for January?) b&c swap blocks.
2. Finish For The Love and the life changing magic of tidying up.
3. Have Texas district applications + license application completed.
4. Plan out Sophia's first birthday party with Texas family + friends (and bawl my eyes out that she's going to be one soon!).
5. Finish little brother's quilt either in time for Christmas or his second birthday. 
6. Put together a blog recap of 2015 quilts and highlights from the year (aka: the Sophia show!). 


  1. I like your -plan out "Sophia's texas birthday party" :D

    1. How are the girls already almost one?! I can't even.


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