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Monday, November 23, 2015

I had to come to the realization that I cannot do everything I need to accomplish (& want to do). About a month ago, Austen & I decided to find a house cleaning company to help us deep clean. Our maid comes once a month and does a fantastic deep clean throughout our entire house. It's absolutely fantastic. While she's here, I head out for the day with Sophia. This weekend, I needed to run some errands, so we managed to go to Target and Joann's before heading to my school's final football game. We had such a sweet momma + daughter day. 

Then Sunday was our normal waffles at home, a nap, then a lunch family date, and Austen went grocery shopping while I ran to Target one more time. I got baby hair rubber bands because Sophia's bangs are getting out of control, and I about died when I gave her a baby ponytail! Austen said it looks more like Alfalfa's hair or a cowlick, but I think it's precious. After some quality swinging time, the girl fell asleep in my lap like she would when she was teeny tiny. She woke up bugged (because mean ole' momma woke her up so she would fall asleep at bedtime) and so, so cuddly. I got lucky that this one is such a love bug! 

Here's to a short week and a long weekend. To all of my teacher friends off of school for the week - soak up all of those minutes at home! We're counting down our days to the holiday.

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