the fireworks quilt

Monday, November 2, 2015

I scratched my plans to work on quilts for my sisters this summer, and instead started a new quilt for our bed. What was supposed to take 2 months has taken me almost 5, but I guess that's life with a baby. The fireworks blocks are gorgeous, easy to put together, but are not a very fast block. Luckily, they are well worth the energy!

In true fashion, I had to make the quilt bigger to fit our queen sized bed. Instead of making 25 blocks instead of 16 (as the pattern calls for and I originally had in mind to scratch), I decided to follow the pattern but add 2" sashing and cornerstones to help beef up the quilt, plus 6" borders. It won't be quite as big as our swoon quilt, but I love it nonetheless. It is bold and bright and a total eye-catcher. I'm planning on keeping our master bedroom decorations pretty minimal in our acre house, so the boldness and color will be coming from quilts. This one is leading the pack. ;)

I like to quilt based on a color scheme versus quilting with one specific line of fabric. The idea behind this one was all red + aqua (almost a modern red, white, and blue spin off) but I tossed in a little navy to darken up parts of the quilt. I love it. Red is a comfortable color for me to decorate with, but I really wanted to try something different with the aqua. With that in mind, I wanted to have 5 cornerstones in aqua and only 4 in red, as the center is aqua to subtly bring the focus back to the lighter tones. The backing fabric is from b&c hello darling and although it claims to be aqua, it's definitely more turquoise. It's a great small print floral pattern that I think will really pop when the quilt is folded down in the mornings.

One of my sweet friends is quilting it up for me and I cannot wait to share pictures once I get it back and bound in some lovely b&c miss kate red scallops fabric.

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