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Friday, November 13, 2015

I have seen friends on instagram post beautiful pictures of dining room tables that hold such meaning and are beautiful. They range in age and style, but one thing I continually notice is the meaning that they hold to their keeper, and they are handmade. Some of my favorites have been the table that Nicole's dad handmade for them as a house warming gift, and the family heirloom table that Layla Palmer was handed down. When Austen's grandma decided to move out of her house in the Texas country and closer to his parents, his mom asked if there was anything from her home that we would like. 

Austen immediately said her dining room set. It's handmade from Fort Worth, and well over 40 years old (that she knows of). I told my mom-in-law that I hadn't paid much attention to it when we visited, and asked if she could send some pictures. 

I love it. Good job, babe, for staking claim on it! ;)

My little sisters both said it's so our style. Grandma and I were emailing back and forth about how thankful we both are. I for the gift that this is, and she for the gift of knowing it stays in the family, and both of us about how excited we are for babies, family, and friends to eat around this table.

Everything going back to Texas with us (or being put in the acre house) falls into two categories: meaningful or beautiful. I'm finding more and more that things fall into both categories, and how thankful I am that this one does, too.

The only change I see us making is having the chairs reupholstered. Since we're going with a warm grey on the walls, I'm excited to play around with fabric choices once we settle in and live with it for a while to see what really fits both our style + the table's natural style best!

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