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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When I first taught myself how to quilt three years ago, I picked up a few quilting books from a thrift store, each of different styles of quilts. One was for different log cabin patterns, and I quickly released I don't like them. Not even some of them. But when Samantha + Riann kick started a Bonnie & Camille scrappy log cabin swap, I figured why the hell not? Austen wasn't thrilled that it was another swap (I was only in one other...) but I was pretty excited.

Making log cabin blocks is almost stupidly easy. I liked it for that reason, especially considering I was also working on my fireworks blocks at the same time which were taking forrrrevvvvverrrrrr. Log cabin blocks are quick sewing and mindless. 

a log cabin block prior to being cut into quarters! the quartered blocks count as 1 block, so this is really 4.

I picked out my 12 blocks to keep and mailed the other 36 off to California to be swapped. I was estatic in mid-October when my 36 blocks arrived from quilters from around the world. Each block is so different than the others and yet since they're all made with b&c fabric, they have a flow. 

I chose to add 16 more blocks to mine so it's a perfect square. Without borders, it measured 80 1/2", and I added a 4" border so that it came out to just shy of 90x90" (84x84" is what the long arm quilter measured!). The border I went back and forth on, but ultimately decided I'll like the added drape over the side of our bed, especially when we swap furniture to the big princess bed.

When it came to the layout of the blocks, I chose an overlapping effect. It's hard to see in the scrappy fabrics, but basically gives it a vibe of blocks laying one on top of the other in the corner. If you sort of squint at it (haha) it looks has the overlapping effect going from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. I like that it's not too obvious so almost has a mismatched feel, but there's just enough of a pattern to the layout that it's not totally a modge podge. 

I absolutely love it! I chose to back it in a b&c flannel print from their miss kate line. It's one of my absolute favorite patterns of theirs... so much so that I actually have 4 yards that I'm hoarding for backing fabric for a miss kate lap quilt for myself. I let Austen help me pick it out since he's a hot sleeper and I didn't want him to ban the quilt from our bed because it's too warm. He agreed that the quality flannel is lighter than others, and worse case, it'd make a great winter quilt. He even laughed when it came back from the quilter that he likes the backing more than the quilt top, and that we should just flip it over. No such luck.

It turned out absolutely perfect from the quilter! It's soft and warm without being too heavy, and is just the right amount of weight. It very easily could be my favorite quilt yet!! 

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  1. Your quilt turned out beautifully! I love mindless sewing too and when you end up with something so lovely like this, it makes it even more worthwhile! I have a similar one started and it's put away in a basket. You've got me thinking I need to pull it out and get it finished! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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