november goals

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Last I made goals was September. Oops. If that doesn't tell you how crazy busy life has been, I don't know what does. (or maybe the fact that I'm living and functioning off of coffee will, because seriously, I can't deal without)

Septembers goals went as follows:

1. Finish the fireworks quilt and have it long arm quilted. For real this month.
2. Finish reading For the Love.
3. Donate two trash bags (at least) from the guest bedroom. I have a trunk full of crap to donate. I'm not sure where it's from or when it was gathered, but yeah, let's count this as a success.
4. Donate or gift art/prints and picture frames that we no longer love or have a need for. I remember vaguely going through art/prints/frames and, like I said, my trunk is full of crap. So yes? I think I did this.
5. Find frames for a Rifle Paper Co. calendar and hang in the family room as a gallery wall.

November's goals are:

1. Finally catch up on b&c quilt swap blocks. 
2. Continue reading For the Love, and if I finish, start Harry Potter
3. Clean out our closet and dressers (again...this is such a process!) and donate anything we don't use or love. 
4. Clean out Sophia's clothes she has grown out of and donate anything she didn't use or that I loved (or might use for future baby girls).
5. Finish cutting fabric for one Christmas 2016 quilt + little brother's quilt. 
6. Host Sophia's first Thanksgiving at our house with my in-laws (& maybe friends?), and perfect some recipes that I'm sure we will use lots during holidays in Texas.

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