halloween weekend

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nevada became a state on October 31st. Praise the Lord that in all of the mess of days off and long weekends we have as teachers here, the state does believe in us all observing Nevada Day and getting the day off. Aka: we don't have to go to work on Halloween! Then, the kids almost always get two days off following Halloween weekend while the teachers go to staff development days. Yes. Let them come off of their sugar highs with their parents, not me.

My Friday home with Sophia was relaxed. She had a cardiologist appointment, then we basically just hung out. Sometimes, those are the absolute best. Especially when I just ache to be home with her all day.

Saturday morning, Sophia & I went to a local apple orchard and pumpkin patch with a sweet friend of mine and her five kiddos. We had apple donuts, rode on a tractor hay ride, walked through the pumpkin patch, and had such a great morning out and visiting. I love watching mommas with big families because I just think, 'That'll be us someday,' and I love it.

We came home and Sophia and I napped together on the couch. It's my new favorite weekend tradition. We both need the extra sleep and both love the long cuddle. Then it was chipotle for dinner before putting the babe in her Tinkerbell costume to go around the neighborhood. We didn't really trick-or-treat because Austen found it weird, since obviously she can't eat the candy. Instead, we walked to a friend's house and visited with them while they passed out candy and scared the crap out of kids. A great alternative! ;)

Sunday is always that day to play catch up for the week ahead. We got everything to make this yummy butternut squash crock pot soup that I saw Jessica Garvin post about and have been wanting to try ever since. Anything soup and anything crock pot has my full attention. While Austen grocery shopped (what a keeper), Sophia & I had playtime in the backyard with the dogs. This is the dreamy sorts of playtime I imagined in my mind before we had her. After a sweet, lovely hour of this, we came back inside. Unfortunately, daylight savings won over our kick ass playtime, and she napped for a whopping 30 total minutes...all day. At least she looked cute while being a crab.

If I haven't said it a hundred times... Sophia + Lilly are my absolute favorites. She wiggled her way right next to Lilly on her own and they just laid there together. Bless it.

Also, that red hair... I melt. She is never, ever, ever allowed to dye her hair.

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