Wednesday, November 18, 2015

reading... the life changing magic of tidying up (SO recommend!!), and For The Love (absolutely loving every single page). I also ordered the first Harry Potter because I never read them (or watched the movies...) and want to suddenly.
trying... to gain weight. Don't hate, but after 9 months, I'm still going strong on breastfeeding and I'm in a weird place with it where I'm trying to find a balance between giving her all that she needs and giving my body all that it needs to maintain itself.
cooking... chili + soups. 'Tis the season!
drinking... all the coffee. Every morning. And contemplating becoming an evening coffee drinker.
pinning... greige walls, because I'm sort of in love with them.
thanking... Young Living for amazing customer service! Two diffusers had an issue, and I got a new diffusing membrane + replacement diffuser sent to me. All the praise hands!! (we cannot go without our diffusers)
loving... that the weather is finally not comparable to summer, or the surface of the sun. Low 70s and I'm a happy girl. Weekend playtime is spent on a quilt in the backyard. Swoon.
hating... that everyone else gets a week off for thanksgiving and we get two days. This momma needs a nap.
feeling... all the feels that Sophia turns one in three months. Where did the time go?!
smelling... thieves in all the diffusers, and combining it with cedarwood or clove. It's fantastic.
ordering... Sophia's first Christmas presents!
considering... donating just about every item in our house. I'm reading the life changing magic of tidying up and it inspires me to get rid of basically everything.
finishing... our first semester of the school year, and beginning to hyperventilate about job hunting. It's seriously a part time job in and of itself to find a job. I also keep thinking about how insanely blessed I am right now, and the thought of it all ending it so, so emotional.
decorating... in subtle Christmas decorations this year.

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