send coffee. & a maid.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I recently got a book called Make + Love Quilts by Mary Katherine Fons. She had me nodding and laughing throughout her whole introduction, and I completely recommend this book. Some parts that were my absolute favorites include:

A great painting is made on purpose and may function to make you feel awestruck or inspired. A piece of music may move you - it is functional in this regard. But what work of art can you literally wrap around your shoulders when you're sad? What work of art can physically warm you? What work of art pools, folds, props up, and lies flat; can be washed, dried, cried on, and repaired; and is the first thing anyone grabs when the house is on fire? What other works of art can you make love under? Quilts are art you can flop on top of with a dish of ice cream and your beloved. (Or just the ice cream. Or just the beloved.)

Quilters are impatient people.

I just finished a queen sized quilt. Typically, I do one of these big beauties a year. After I finished one, I set up the blocks (that were also done) for a second queen sized quilt and finished the last few I needed to complete it. I'm also officially banned from sewing until I am more productive around the house, but that's a horse of a different color.

Although I love lap quilts, because we're basically always under blankets, I'm a sucker for "bigger is better" quilts. There's just something about being wrapped up in bed with them.

Oh, and the fireworks quilt makes finished quilt top #5 of this year, and the b&c log cabin makes #6. So far, there's been two baby quilts, two lap sized quilts, and two queens. Onto the next quilts... five more queens + one lap sized are in my (relatively) near future.

Someone send coffee. And a maid.

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