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Monday, October 5, 2015

The weekend is over, babes. Not going to lie, I need a weekend from my weekend. I woke up Friday morning feeling like a freight train had hit me, but thought I was just exhausted after a late night + 4:40am wake up call with Sophia. After wearing a hoodie all day in 85* weather and almost falling asleep standing up during my kiddos' bathroom break, I realized I was sick. I came home with a fever of 102* and quickly realized it was "just" mastitis...again. Thankfully, no one else could get my fever. Un-thankfully, that shit sucks. (excuse the language, but it does)

To end my lovely weekend, on Sunday, I managed to twist funny and do something god-awful to my back. It ended with Austen laying me on the kitchen floor, continually asking if he needed to call an ambulance, getting me the rolling chair and heating pad, me beginning to black out twice from the pain, and finally chilling on the couch with the heading pad, panaway + peppermint eo's for most of the afternoon. 

For the love.

On the plus side, there was all this goodness:

I can't get enough of her. We realized if it's 90* this weekend and a pumpkin patch is not in our near future, we'll happily take pumpkin pictures on the ones in the front of Whole Foods. Also, decorating a baby for holidays might just might be better than decorating your house. Austen tried to tell me she looks like a unicorn. I quickly corrected him. Someone get this kid some candy corn and Hocus Pocus.

She has also discovered sucking on her thumb. Austen + my whole family want me to discourage it. I know I should, but it is so dang cute. She's still all about her frog paci, but the couple of times she pops her thumb in her mouth, she giggles and I melt.

Baskets of toys + Lilly. All the girl needs for entertainment, and I'm thankful for that! She is seriously best of buddies with Lilly (Shiloh could care less about her), and I love their sweetness.

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