september twenty first

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.

 I saw this quote on another quilter's instagram and thought, 'Yes.' That's it. Some people make things in different ways. Bailey paints gorgeous paintings in her bible. Victoria decorates her home with items that are meaningful and beautiful. Nicole captures life's moments and freezes them to be cherished for always. Everyone does something.

Me? I quilt.

A friend of mine lives not far from me and is in the same bee hive for our b&c swap. We were talking the other day about how some people make comments saying things like, "You must have a very understanding husband to get so much quilting done!" or "Your kids must be very independent." We both have similar situations and laughed saying there comes a moment where quilting is therapeutic. When you're alone at night. When the baby naps. When work was stressful. When other things in life aren't going as planned. It's comforting to sit in our guest bedroom with a little lamp on, just the soft hum of my sewing machine, watching bits of fabric come together.

And there's always this:

Some nights, I go to bed at 9:00pm. But more often than not, I'm up until like 10:30pm (or later...) quilting. ;)

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