september fourth

Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4: What are you passionate about?

I think there's a few things I find myself really, truly passionate about...

Friends come and go. We know this to be all too true from the military, but even in "normal" life, there are still friends who are in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime. Family stays though, whether we like it or not. ;) Being the best wife to Austen and momma to Sophia is my number one priority, always. I am blessed to have administration at work that knows and values that, too, so I don't feel torn or guilty for leaving work at work. 

healthy living
For us, that means most of our diet is organic and non-processed, and we're working on filtering out chemicals in our home. We've started with artificial scents and moved to diffusing essential oils and are working on the rest of the products in our home now. It's just about giving my family the most natural, raw life possible so that our bodies can function the way God made them. Simple as that. I've learned through this there is no overnight fix though. It's a process, and I'm embracing that it takes time and education to do it right. 

beautiful things
Quilting is beautiful to me. Bright + bold or subtle + neutral fabrics are beautiful to me. Hand lettered artwork is beautiful. Bright, natural light. Simplicity in our home and schedule. Sophia's smile. Antique furniture. Cold, snowy mountain mornings. Green plants. Golden aspens. Giggly kiddos coming into the classroom. Coming home to Austen, Sophia, and the boogs. Our Polish heritage, and instilling that in our babies. I love anything that is beautiful. This looks different for everyone, but I think we all have things that are just plain and simply beautiful in our lives that we love. 

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