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Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm always inspired by other people's homes and the way they decorate to personalize their space. There's a few styles I really dislike, but mostly when a home is too pinterest-y. I like it to be custom and unique, not straight out of the IKEA magazine. One thing I really love are seeing people's sewing rooms. So much color, great organization, and little mini quilts on the walls. I'm obsessed with them. I have 3 more that I want to make for my own mini wall! 

I was beyond excited when the #webeelate swap decided to spoil another hive-mate with a package. Everyone basically gifts mini quilts, and no one complains! They are darling. I was so excited to be the secret buddy for an insanely talented NICU nurse in my bee hive. Her instagram feed is full of quilts in bright colors, and lots of pinks. I wanted to make her something fun and playful. The tiered cake block was perfect as a mini!!

I chose to straight line quilt it in the white space only, and then bound it with the grey bias stripe fabric from the b&c line April Showers. It is my absolute favorite for binding with. I gifted her some fun little goodies to go along with her mini!

Then in the mail a couple of weeks later, I got this precious heart shaped mini from the sweet gal who does long arm quilting on my quilts!! She is beyond talented, and when I saw an envelope in the mail from her I kept going through in my mind what it could be. No, it wasn't her month to send me a block. No, I hadn't ordered any fabric from her. No, I hadn't sent her any quilts... I was so surprised and excited to find this cute mini for me!! 

It's already right at home on my mini quilt wall. I can't wait to add more minis to the wall! I keep picturing my sewing room/playroom in the attic above the garage as a very neutral space - white washed floors, white walls, big comfy rugs - with so many colorful mini quilts pinned on the wall, lots of bright fabric peeking out from built-in shelves, and baskets with the little's toys and books. Seriously though, the minis have my heart. Quick, fun, and beyond adorable hanging together on a wall! 

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