six months

Friday, August 21, 2015

age: six months
stats: 15 lbs 5 oz and a little over 24 inches long (both right around the 50th percentile)
clothes: a handful of 3-6 month, but mostly 6 month

favorite foods: still all breast milk
favorite words: lots of babbling. she mastered "ba ba ba" so I joked she now needs to say "babcia" (bob-cha) for my mom! Austen's pushing for "dada" to be her first word, but I'm working for "dupa" (ass in Polish)
favorite activities: blowing spit bubbles (aka: spitting on everything), sticking everything in her mouth, and basically all of life. this is one happy girl!
least favorite activities: waiting to nurse and the whole 3 minutes it takes in between getting out of the bath and getting the boob (so her diaper, lotion, and clean jammies put on is a scream fest)
favorite things: her frog wubbanub pacifier, mine and Austen's hands (she loves to hold them), attention, petting and cuddling Lilly & Shiloh
signature moves: screeching out of sheer joy, laughing after she sneezes or toots, and boot-scootin'-boogie-ing everywhere instead of crawling

the boot-scootin'-boogie! 
she arches her back and pushes with her feet to scoot around on her head. she finds it wildly funny. my little mess. 

dad's proudest moment: I had to go to the hospital for some blood work on the 18th, and he said he'd stay home with her if I left after nursing her and putting her to bed. I came home about an hour later to see the two of them in her play space he made for her (that's for another blog post, seriously, the cutest thing ever), laying on their backs, him reading a baby lit book to her while she just screeched happily along with him. The dogs were running about, hyper from the noise. It was mass chaos, and absolutely adorable. 

momma's proudest moment: We struggled with sleep for a couple of weeks there, and one morning she woke up before 6:00am so I brought her to the family room. I strapped her in the mamaroo with her paci and I curled up on the couch. I have no idea if she slept at all, but I woke up about an hour later when Austen came home. The baby was quiet the whole time, and I was thankful for the little bit of extra sleep. I got up and promptly made myself some coffee.  

other milestones: she rolls over both ways - she can sit up with help - she is so close to crawling - she can stand up when she's holding your hands - she has stood up holding onto the baby gate for a second or two independently - she makes lots of baby sounds with consonant+vowel in different pitches - she is very (almost too much so at times) observant - some stranger danger - she looks for us when we're talking and smiles the biggest toothless smiles when she sees either of us - she reaches for Lilly & Shiloh whenever they're nearby and loves to pet them

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