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Monday, August 24, 2015

After Sophia's 2:00am feeding one night/morning, I saw on instagram that Camille Roskelley of thimble blossoms (the daughter of the mother-daughter duo of Bonnie & Camille for moda) liked my picture. I know she's a real person just like everyone else, and heck, I have a friend who is friends with her, but it was like a compliment that what I make is lovely.

All of the b&c lines I've been sewing with are insanely beautiful. I love good fabric. I'm such a wishy-washy person about what I like more: neutrals and low volume prints, or bright bold patterns that pop. So glad I don't have to choose and can sew with them both.

A pineapple quilt. Yes. Just yes.

That grey + white sprinkle yardage has me swoony. Sometimes, I just look at it and pet it. I'm finding low volume neutrals that I love and am planning a big quilt for our bed. Oh, and an all solids quilt. Those are another year or so away because my to-do list is ridiculous right now.

Mini quilts. I love them, especially in the form of tiered cakes.

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