Monday, August 10, 2015

I grew up in a town and church "where friends become family" was the motto. I didn't understand that when I was really little, and later saw that truth become real. My parents did life with so many people and we grew up with many of the same friends around us. Moving to Texas was hard when we lost so many of those friendships, and I knew someday, I really wanted to raise our babies in that same mindset.

The military is hard though because people might have babies Sophia's age, but we aren't in the same phase of life. I'm an older mom by military standards, waiting until I was 25 to start having babies. Many of my friends who have kids the same age are a good 5 years younger than me, with a lot less life experiences. Although we can relate in terms of having a baby, we can't relate on a whole lot else. That was a really frustrating realization for me to come to terms with.

Knowing we'll be moving back to Texas in less than a year, I wanted to be mindful of relationships I have in Las Vegas and to not abandon those emotionally, but to also cultivate positive, healthy relationships in North Texas so that we can have that sense of community when we come back. There has always been two friends that I had in mind to really sow hard into before we move back.

I met Alex at her wedding. Our husbands had been good friends for a few years so we came to Texas in early March for their wedding. It was one of the sweetest, most genuine, love-filled weddings I have ever been to. Alex and I became quick friends after we both told each other we were pregnant, and due less than a month apart from each other. Needless to say, Sophia and Hazel are built in besties. What I love about our friendship is we don't have to do things the same way to support one another. Our pregnancies and deliveries were polar opposites, and yet she was the one I kept texting in January asking, "Is she here yet?!" and a few weeks later had the same texts from. We can sit and talk about the differences of her all natural water birth and my medicated c-section with love and understanding. Being able to support and be there through one another when life, marriage, and being moms is hard has been such a blessing to have in a friend.

Victoria is someone I met through blogging and instagram. We realized that we are both from North Texas, and our acre house is just minutes from her and her husband. I love the idea of them popping over for BBQs or playdates, or tagging along with us to Denton's wassail fest. She is such a spiritual encouragement and positive person to be around. I have loved texting and emailing her, getting to know her heart and stand in the gaps for her in prayer.

Life is not easy. It has seasons of praise and ease, and seasons of tears and struggle. I am thankful for both sweet friends, that we have been able to go through those seasons together. If that's not true community, I'm not sure what is.

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