30 before 30 -- check in

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I posted my original 30 before 30 on October 19, 2013. I figured it was about time to check in and see what progress I've made.

crossed out means I've completed it
italicized means it's in progress

1. Read 30 books. ((in progress))
2. Own our home.
3. Have babies! (Sophia)
4. Graduate with my masters in administrative studies.
5. Own a horse (or 2, or 5, or a whole herd!).
6. Quilt for our parents for Christmas gifts((in progress))
7. Go skiing in Park City, Utah (where the 2002 Olympic winter games were held).  
8. Get back into church with Austen & our babies. ((in progress -- currently joining a church via their live webcast each weekend))
9. Do a juice cleanse with the hubs.
10. Learn how to quilt an applique wildflower quilt.
11. Learn how to quilt with paper piecing. ((here))
12. Tune & reteach myself how to play piano. ((here))
13. Teach our babies how to ski when they're toddlers! (Seriously though. Professionals say as soon as they can walk, they can learn. We're thinking between 1-2 years old.)
14. Support Austen as he finishes his bachelors, and any other degrees he wants to get. ((in progress))
15. Have an organic vegetable and fruit garden. ((want to do again though in our acre home))
16. Plant hydrangeas around our house or yard. ((want to do again though in our acre home))
17. Shoot my first deer during hunting season (and mount it if it's a buck).
18. Declutter things that don't have meaning to us. ((still a work in progress, but making good progress!))
19.  Hit 100 followers on my blog (who are consistent followers that I don't know in real life!)
20. Get a master bedroom set that we love. ((my parents are gifting us the bedroom set that used to be in my room in high school and later their guest room. i call it "the princess bed" and am so excited to have it again soon!))
21. Attend a blog conference.
22. Go to San Francisco and the Red Woods National Forest.
23. Make quilts for each of our sisters as they get married. ((in progress))
24. Have an entire handmade holiday again((in progress))
25. Find or design a wedding band that I love.
26. Own a painting of my Grandma Rose's.
27. Meet five blogging friends in real life.
28. Learn how to make Polish pierogis and Italian pizelle cookies (both remind me of my Grandma Rose, so they're grouped together!).
29. Redesign my blog so that it better reflects me.
30. Go skiing at a world class ski resort.

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