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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I really love goal setting, especially during the summer months when it's easy to binge watch New Girl on netflix while I eat copious amounts of almond ice cream and hold the babe. At least when I set some goals for myself, I get some things accomplished and make progress on others.

One month down of summer vacation, one and a half months left! Austen asked me the other day how I like being a stay-at-home-mom. I told him I love it. I don't want this summer to end. But then I do, that way we can keep moving closer to moving back to Texas! 

Speaking of, here's a look at how my June goals went:

1. Start and finish a round & round, and swoon quilt for my sisters. Instead of starting a round & round and swoon, I started a fireworks quilt for our bed. I'm learning that quilting takes a lot longer with a 4 month old... Two quilts a month is an ambitious goal! My plan is to have quilts done for family by Christmas 2016. 

2. Donate items and clothes we don't use anymore
3. Finish staining crates in our laundry room/storage space.
4. Go for a walk with Sophia and the dogs at least 3x a week. It hit 115* here in Vegas. We're either hibernating indoors away from the heat, or at the pool. 
5. Have friends over for dinner.

And some goals for July:

1. Finish paperwork for the acre house, and get some work done there so that renters can move in (yard work, wash carpets, scrub the house down, etc.).

2. Keep working on the fireworks quilt!
3. Mail out my July #webeelate blocks and secret buddy package. ;)
4. Declutter and donate some more.
5. Try a new recipe. 

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