green thumb

Monday, July 27, 2015

About 2 years ago, we began changing our eating habits over to organic. About 7 months ago, we began using essential oils and eliminating phalates and parabens from products in our home (perfume, candles, plug-ins, etc.). I also decided to begin really pushing forward with this mindset of healthy in and on our bodies, and in our home.

I do not have a green thumb by any means, I tend to over-water everything, but I like that plants are so good for the environment (hello, oxygen!) and that some even have air purifying properties. I figured since I hadn't killed our fiddle leaf fig in over a year, maybe I could keep a rubber plant alive, too.

I'm already scheming up places we can put plants in the acre house that will get good light and be sweet to look at. So simple. Such clean lines. So green.

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