four months old

Friday, July 10, 2015

I'm so late on four month updates, she's just about ten days shy of five months... But better late than never.

age: four months
stats: 12 lbs 9 oz and 
clothes: 3 month, and a handful of 3-6 month (I'm just now gathering up all of her 0-3 month clothes to pack away!)

favorite foods: still all breast milk
favorite words: we have daily "story" time as she loves to talk. Her most animated stories happen on the couch or in her bloom highchair in the mornings.
favorite activities: nursing, cuddling, taking baths, gnawing on her hands and shoving her slobbery hands into my mouth, telling stories, and looking outside while in her highchair
least favorite activities: tummy time and waiting to nurse
favorite things: her hands, momma's hair
signature moves: dancing when we hold her up on our laps 

dad's proudest moment: One Saturday morning, Sophia and I slept in until 9:15am (she usually wakes up at 7:30am). I nursed her while Austen was making us pancakes and bacon, and while I ate, he held her. They were playing and dancing and lots of baby-belly-jostling. As soon as I finished eating, he passed her back off to me and - cue the spit up. Everywhere. Over and over. He laughed and said it's like he shakes up the soda bottle and hands it over to me when it explodes. It couldn't be truer. 

momma's proudest moment: I'm a complete and total klutz. I run into things on a daily basis, including door frames. The other day while carrying her out from her nursery, her toe touched the door frame and she cried for about a half second. I felt awful and Austen almost took her from me, saying he's always so worried I'm going to run her into something one of these days. I won't lie, so am I. I think I have issues with depth perception (I know I do while skiing). 

other milestones: She holds her upper body up well when she's enjoying tummy time... when she's not, she makes sure everyone knows it by throwing a little fit and putting her head flat down and crying. Or gnawing on her hand while she cries. She has good leg strength and likes to dance around on our legs. Her pediatrician commented on how far away she can see objects. She watched herself in the mirror about 4 feet away while I held her at her 4 month well check. She's also begun teething which equates to lots of drool and a little extra fussiness. She takes at least two naps in her crib each day, sometimes three on particularly crabby days, and she sleeps almost through the night. We wake up once, usually between 2:00-5:00am. So far, she's rolled once from her back to her stomach, but can pretty consistently roll from her stomach to her back. This only leads to all of my obnoxious, high-pitched, "YAY, SOPHIA!!" squeals. 

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  1. i feel like i know this little one! seriously katie, i cannot get enough of this little girl. and she is such a champ for her mother jamming her poor little toes! ;)


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