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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May - the last full month of school before summer vacation. Heck yes. While I don't quite feel ready for swimsuit season, I can't wait for a summer of hanging out by the pool with Sophia, quilting, and road tripping on the weekends! Bring on a month of summer-prep.

Here's how my April goals went:

1. Finish reading Make It Happen. - Maybe this summer when I actually have free time?

2. Finish the squares for a simple modern pinwheel quilt. - Eh, sort of. I ended up working hard on my #spellitwithmoda quilt instead, which Austen loves and I like 100x better than the pinwheel variation quilt I started on.
3. Get myself back on a morning schedule since I go back to work this month (womp womp)
4. Organize hand-me-downs that Sophia has been given, and continue decluttering the spare bedroom/sewing room.
5. Play around with some new dining room decor. - I got started on this and need to find a frame for a new print that I just love for our dining room wall! Hopefully working more on it this weekend.

Some simple goals for May are:

1. Finish the #spellitwithmoda quilt.

2. Donate items that we don't use anymore. 
3. Resize the pattern for a double Irish chain quilt. 
4. Have friends over for dinner. 
5. Organize the heck out of my classroom before summer break.

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