two months

Monday, April 27, 2015

age: two months
stats: 9 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long
clothes: 0-3 month, and some 3 month

Zosia is her Polish name

favorite foods: still all breast milk
favorite words: lots of cooing, especially when she's laying flat (on the changing table or playing on the floor)
favorite activities: nursing, taking baths, and she falls asleep almost every time she goes in the car
least favorite activities: coming out of the tub, pooping, and tummy time
favorite things: still loves soothie pacifiers and playing on her mat that has toys above 
signature moves: talking while she's being changed, sleeping with her hands by her face

dad's proudest moment: He's finally able to do more with her this past month, so no goof ups yet! Once he started to heal on his shoulder enough to hold her again, he got sick for a week and kept his distance until he felt better.
momma's proudest moment: During our trial run while I left her with my girlfriend who watches her during the day, she was hanging out in a baby swing when I got back. My muscles were a little shaky from having just worked out, and there was a hanging mobile above her. I totally picked her up straight into the mobile. Lindsey and her husband laughed saying it takes some getting used to when you have to maneuver them in and out of that swing.

other milestones: She picks the front of her body up during tummy time, has lots of arm and leg movement on her tummy, too (which makes me think crawling will come easily to her). Her tummy troubles are basically gone, but I still can't have any dairy. She looks at Austen & I when we talk and will smile at us even (which melts Austen every single time). Sophia has lots of baby gibberish, which is really stinkin' cute when she's telling stories to you. 

As much as I hate to see her get bigger, this age is so fun! We're loving that she's becoming more interactive with us and really showing her (sassy) personality. 

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