easter weekend recap

Monday, April 6, 2015

Saturday was very productive for me! I started off our day by walking with Sophia to starbucks on base before going into school. I needed to get some copying done for my sub for my last 8 days of maternity leave (I was only planned out through spring break and wasn't prepared to be out after break!) Later in the day, Austen & I went to dinner together then while he grocery shopped at Whole Foods, I went to anthropologie since my in-laws gave me a generous gift card for my birthday (!!!). And, it was my first outing in all non-maternity clothes since last fall. I still have a little ways to go, and those pants used to be really big on me last year, but being able to not wear pants with a stretchy waistband felt good!!

I was so excited for Easter weekend, seeing as it's Sophia's first Easter and all. Honest to goodness, since before she was born, I had been thinking about putting together her first Easter basket. We made plans to have friends come over and I had been so excited about it all.

On Friday, Austen worked insanely late and overdid it at work, hurting his arm. He was honest and told me really the only thing he could do for Easter dinner was grocery shop and smoke the ham. He couldn't help me clean, and (God love him) he really can't do much for the baby. He can hold her in one position, but can't adjust her once she's in that spot. 

I had to put away laundry. Clean the kitchen. Vacuum the couch. Sweep and mop the floors. Put away the quilts. Bake rolls, make mashed potatoes, and bake a cobbler. 

And my heart just felt ugly. 

For 3 weeks, a lot of the "must-do" load has been on me as Austen heals. That's how it should be, seeing as he had major surgery after being in pain for years. I want him to fully heal so that he won't hurt anymore. But I felt disconnected and discouraged. The weight of everything sort of hit me at once, and I was ugly about relationships and emotional about my dad's cancer and Sophia's Long QT. 

I couldn't do it all. I needed help, and my sweet husband physically can't help me right now. 

So we called off Easter dinner. Then on Sunday morning, instead of curling my hair and putting on a pretty dress, I put Sophia in her mamaroo, laid on the couch next to Austen and took a 2+ hour nap cuddling with him. We live streamed church later in the day, and thank goodness, because just after worship started, Sophia had her first real blowout. Then while she was wrapped up in a towel after her bath to clean up, she peed. Needless to say, I was thankful that didn't all happen while out at church!

Overall, I'd say it was a good Easter weekend. We spent some good, quality time together. I also made some great progress on my scrappy #sewitwithmoda quilt. I'm sort of hopeful that I might finish all of the squares this month, maybe even the whole quilt top. It's so fun!

please don't mind the squares below the #sewitwithmoda squares peeking out in this picture. my idea board isn't big and houses multiple projects! ;)

I hope all ya'll had a lovely weekend with family celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with those you love! 

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  1. Congrats on not wearing maternity anymore! I hon stay don't think I'll stop wearing maternity for's so comfy! Haha
    And I think it's sweet you were thinking of her first easter before she was born. I can't wait for my little mans first holiday! If he sticks to his due date...his first will be 4th of July! Eek! :)


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