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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I remember reading Shauna Niequist's bread & wine and thinking how she talked about the dining room table being the center place of the home, but I always felt that ours was more like our family room sectional. I always felt drawn into the family room. Our sectional is huge with oversized pillows and all around cozy. People love it. Over the last several months though, I have noticed friends gravitate towards the table. We'd have people over, and everyone would automatically sit down in the dining room, and stay there. It sort of makes me smile because while it's pretty to look at, the chairs aren't all that comfortable and there's only 4 (rarely do we only have another couple over, 6 is more like our happy number when entertaining), so I never really saw us as "table" people. With that being said, I think it's fair to say the table really is a gathering place, and I want our dining room to really reflect us.

I hate waiting to decorate though for the "someday-home". That's how I felt about the player piano and Amish fireplace. Why wait for beautiful pieces?! So, I've been gathering some inspiration for redecorating the dining room. I'm not sure how it'll work here, but I want to try a little.

We know when we move that we'll be investing in a new dining room table. One that's handmade with character, and benches. I also know that somewhere, I will find room for a big hutch for all of my Polish pottery. I also think decorating with some dark blue accents will compliment the Polish pottery nicely. Plate walls are so cute, and I already bought a letter for each of our first names from anthropologie and would love to find plates with meaning throughout the years to add (like alma maters or hometown courthouse squares). Here's a little bit of inspiration for how I'd like our dining room to come together:


and aubry's plate wall is amazing

Austen & I first saw the color mindful grey by Sherwin Williams on a Fixer Upper episode, and loved it. While I feel like we typically gravitate towards light, warm neutrals, I'd love to give a soft grey a try in our "someday-home". 

Painting won't happen here, because it's silly to repaint just for a year, only to repaint it to white again. I'm not sure where we'll put the watercolor print and plate wall, but definitely want to play around with it! Worse case, we'll just put things back to how they are right now if we don't like it. I sure do have the itch to change something about our decorating style, though!


  1. I feel the same way about gravitating towards the living room! I'm jealous of your sectional, too! :) We'd love one!


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