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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March came and went. I know so many people are over winter at this point, but ya'll, it's hit the 90s here already. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. The pool doesn't even open until May, but it already feels like swimsuit season (which I am so not ready for). So to my friends who are complaining about winter, want to trade? Las Vegas completely skips that season, and heck, we skip spring too, apparently! 

Let's check out those summer March goals:

1. Finish reading through Make It Happen, and start reading Baby Wise. I didn't finish Make It Happen, but did read through parts of Baby Wise to get a better feel for schedules for Sophia. We're on a pretty good one that we both feel comfortable with. 
2. Find Young Living essential oils that are going to be really useful with Sophia (I started my Essential Rewards this month, so am excited to put in my April order for what Sophia might use the most of!) YES! Sweet girl has some tummy troubles so we're going to give digize a try, and I'm going to keep using valor for anxiety (anyone else have issues with little problems feeling really big because it takes twice as long to complete with a newborn?!), as well as cedarwood for sleep. I also want to give gentle baby a try.
3. Go for a walk 4x a week, even if it's a short one while I continue to heal from my c-section. 
4. Celebrate turning 26!!! And Shiloh turning 4! Yup, my birthday was at the very end of the month and although we got bad news after bad news that day, Austen made it a very sweet day for me. And our sweet little monster turned 4! Is it sappy of me to get all mushy remembering when we picked up our little 5lb puppy and road tripping 9 hours to bring her home? Oh, our sweet tiny beagle.

So goals for April are:

1. Finish reading Make It Happen.

2. Finish the squares for a simple modern pinwheel quilt. 
3. Get myself back on a morning schedule since I go back to work this month (womp womp). 
4. Organize hand-me-downs that Sophia has been given, and continue decluttering the spare bedroom/sewing room.
5. Play around with some new dining room decor.

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