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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Life around here has been nothing short of a mad house. About three weeks after having Sophia via c-section and spending four days in the NICU, Austen had major shoulder surgery which left him unable to use his right hand. Oh, and he's right-handed. His mom came out for his surgery and stayed for a week, and his sister came out the last two days she was in town to visit, too. On top of all of this, unsats go home on Friday at work so I still have to be grading and entering grades, and Austen's finishing up two classes before a month long baby-break. 

Sophia is a total joy, and a total mess. Little pea has some tummy troubles, so we have a few good days in a row, and then a few rough days of colic symptoms. She'll be really uncomfortable, fuss a lot, and just all around be upset on her rough days. We have consistent problems with her spitting up, and even went to the pediatrician to see if there's something anything we could do. They told us to basically keep doing what we've been doing, so they were no help. She's also had a little bout with cradle cap and baby acne, but thanks to Young Living lavender oil, we've tackled them both pretty well. 

I wish I could say I don't live in yoga pants...but I do. At least I have re-found some cute tanks to layer underneath some denim jackets I have so it has an I'm-a-new-mom-but-still-trying sort of look happening. And my hair is typically in a top knot, but I do still curl it if I'm going to be out in public. Those pictures up above? I was in my pajamas. Don't hate.

My doctor put me on a beta blocker for the first few months postpartum, since I'm at an increased risk of having a cardiac episode. Especially after going into v-tach at 28 weeks pregnant, I'd like to avoid that again. I was completely enjoying coffee again since I gave it up for the remainder of my pregnancy in December, but with Sophia's tummy issues, I went without to see if that helped. It really didn't, so am thinking I'll go back to coffee. It just makes everything a little bit better in the morning.

Really though, I completely love being a mom. I love watching Austen with her, I love giggling with her when she's making silly faces as she wakes up and falls asleep. I love when Lilly and Shiloh go cuddle next to her. Even on the rough days, I still wouldn't trade any of it. 

With that being said, for baby number two, someone remind me to make sure we have family living within 30 minutes of driving time, and for no one to have surgery within a month or two following the birth. Really, we did not plan that surgery date well... K, thanks. 

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