one month

Thursday, March 26, 2015

age: one month as of March 19th (insert the bawling eyes emoji)
stats: 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long (at one month, six days)
clothes: some newborn, some 0-3 month

favorite foods: breast milk, all the way. she literally face plants into my boob when she's really hungry.
favorite words: no words, but lots of baby jibberish lately!
favorite activities: eating, being in the bathtub, having her diaper changed, and walks in the stroller
least favorite activities: getting out of the bathtub, being put in her car seat, and tummy aches
favorite things: I want to do a full post about first month favorites, soon. ;) basically, she just loves the boob and her soothie pacifiers.
signature moves: she naps with her hands up by her face still and flings her arms and legs around when she's excited (or really pissed off) and we sing, "Everybody was kung-fu fighting! Ha! Ha! My chops were fast as lightening! Ha! Ha!"

dad's proudest moment: He had pretty major shoulder surgery when she was just about 2 weeks old, so he's basically just been able to hold her. No real chances to have any funny I-screwed-that-up stories...yet.
momma's proudest moment: We went to the pediatrician to figure out if there was something we could do about her tummy troubles and spitting up (and the answer: nothing.). As I was setting down her car seat in the room, I dropped my phone on her. It was just her leg and she startled then gave me the stink eye before going back to sleep, but the nurse looked at me like I'd just won "mom of the year" award. Hey, at least it was just her leg.

other milestones: She can hold her head up and move it from side to side during tummy time. She also sleeps long stretches at night (usually from 9:00pm to around 2:00am, and then through the morning until around 7:00am - praise the Lord!).

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