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Friday, January 9, 2015

how far along: 34 weeks... Home stretch, baby!

baby size: From the emails I've gotten about how far along I am, they say somewhere around 4 1/2 lbs and about the size of a pineapple (which is pretty much all I crave these days). She should also be gaining a 1/2 lb a week for the next month, and that I should be gaining about a lb a week now. Not gonna lie, that completely has me freaked out. 

baby's progress: It feels like she hasn't moved positions in a while, which is head down and back on my left side, so her kicks and punches are all on my right side. Her little hands are right against my bladder, so that's still a joy... ;)

weight gain: I didn't even want to talk about my weight gain at 27 weeks. Ya know what? Let's keep it real. I used to eat like a bird (a super smoothie for breakfast, small lunch, and dinner before 5:00pm to keep up my metabolism), but obviously can't now that I'm pregnant. I've put on weight. I'm talking 35 lbs already. Has it all gone to my belly? Nope. I'm pretty sure 10+ lbs has gone to my boobs and butt (no joke). And I would be completely lying if I said I have not majorly struggled with seeing the scale go up. I've had to put away my favorite pre-pregnancy clothes and can only hope come summertime, I can fit back into them again. At the end of the day though, it's okay. I've realized that so many women don't share how much weight they've gained, and only gaining 25-30 lbs is not as common as I thought it was. Some of the ladies I totally admire for their post-baby bods gained 50-60 lbs. I never would have guessed, and keep telling myself that after the baby, it'll come off. I know my body really well, and ordered a Belly Bandit in hopes of speeding along the tummy tightening process. ;)

stretch marks: Praise the Lord... NOPE. I'm also using my Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly butter twice a day now. I slacked during my first and second trimester about using it religiously, but am now. Being in the home stretch, realizing how much I miss my old clothes has me realizing that I really don't want stretch marks. 

sleep: It's nonexistent now. I toss and turn all night long and cannot ever get comfortable, I just sort of hope one position will be the lesser of two evils and that I'll drift off. Still peeing a lot in the middle of the night. I finally told Austen that when I get up, I'm not actually awake. So if I wake him up, to please not try to talk to me because I'm really sleep walking/peeing. 

movement: Still mostly in the evenings. I like drinking orange juice with my prenatal and DHA vitamins at night because it's like a dance party in my belly when I lay down afterwards. It's all fun and games until she punches my bladder.

best moment this week: Realizing that the rhythmic movements I was feeling at night is her hiccuping! 

looking forward to: Having this baby. Her baby shower here in town is also coming up, so I'm excited to see some sweet friends to celebrate her there!

food cravings: Nothing new, still pineapple and chicken tacos.  

weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing really. 

anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, thank goodness.

labor signs: Nothing. I'm starting to hope I'll get Braxton Hicks so I'll at least be semi prepared for labor! The nurse who does my fetal monitoring told me that since I'm smaller, I'll definitely know when I get a Braxton Hicks. She said I'll be able to see my stomach ball up and will definitely know what's happening. So since nothing new has happened, I'm gonna say no, there have been no signs of labor. 

what I miss: Skiing! We took a short trip out to Colorado so that Austen could ski with his sister and her boyfriend at Monarch Mountain and Breckenridge. I hung out at the little condo we stayed in. I miss skiing so much!! 

symptoms: Lots of movement. The constant need to pee. Exhaustion. Mood swings. My feet and fingers are starting to swell (mostly at the end of a long day or if I'm too hot). And just general discomfort. 

things that suck: Shaving my legs is pretty much uncomfortable and completely awkward now. When I texted my family about how shaving is such a hassle, my momma wrote back saying I just need my momma, that she'd shave my legs for me! Baby #2 is gonna be so much easier when we're near family again... ;) (Oh, and I asked Austen. He said he draws the line at shaving me. But he rubbed my feet right after that, so ya know, it's all good.) 

Also, on December 23rd, I went into V-tach with a heart rate of 280bpm for 42 seconds. My pacemaker tried to burst pace (where it paces my heart really hard) me out of the irregular rhythm twice, and when my heart didn't respond, the defibrillator delivered my first shock. No one in our family has ever had a defib shock before, and I was conscious for it. I'm okay, baby is okay, but it was a super scary event. I spent a couple of hours in the ER following it to make sure that my heart stayed out of an irregular rhythm and to find out exactly what had happened. Come to find out, the increase in hormones and extra blood actually puts me at a higher risk for a heart episode. I'm just hoping for nothing else exciting like that the rest of this pregnancy!

things that don't suck: Having two weeks off was such a joy. I was able to knock out a lot of long term lesson planning and feel comfortable with the rest I need to do before my maternity leave. Since she's running out of room in there, her kicks are becoming more like wiggles and stretching, which I sort of prefer to the sudden karate chops. Her nursery is also done, and I'm working on finishing the last of the necessary organization. I'm definitely in nesting mode, and have loved being able to this break! 

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