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Monday, January 5, 2015

Here's a look at December's goals:

1. Celebrate our first Christmas at home in Vegas (seriously, we have always gone somewhere else for Christmas!), making new traditions as a soon-to-be family of three
2. Declutter Christmas decorations that don't have meaning or aren't the style we're going for anymore.
3. Plan for my long term sub during winter vacation.
4. Keep decluttering the house! Less is more, less is more. Specifically: the guest bedroom, master closet, master bedroom nightstands, and laundry room.
5. Work my way through Ann Voscamp's advent devotional.

The first half of December was crazy busy with work. I was so thankful when winter break rolled around so that I could hangout in leggings and a big sweater all day (which is all I want to wear lately, but can't due to work dress code). Heck, let's be honest, I mostly stayed in pajamas. ;)

We enjoyed our first Christmas at home in 4 years, and it was really sweet. We spent Christmas Eve grocery shopping and meal prepping for the next day's festivities, then went to a nice candlelight service on the Air Force base. Christmas morning was full of delivering homemade caramel apple cinnamon rolls (which Austen says are better than cinnabons), facetiming with my family to open gifts, and then making a late lunch of smoked turkey breast, a rotisserie turkey breast, and mashed potatoes. Just the two of us. It was so nice to not be on a schedule for entertaining or have the madness of trying to get everything clean in time. Oh at that smoked turkey breast? Ridiculous. I could literally eat it all day, every day. If "better-than-sex-turkey" was a thing, this would be it.

I have a feeling January has the potential to get busy, too. It's our last full month before little pea makes her arrival and I need to get all of my work paperwork in order before then. In terms of goals for the month:

1. Buy any final needs of baby stuff!
2. Finish all work related paperwork (maternity leave, RTI, lesson planning, long term sub notes, making a bazillion copies, etc.)
3. Get our floors re-waxed and re-sealed (if we end up deciding to). 
4. Clean our microfiber sectional, professionally or myself (any advice on this is welcome!).
5. Get the guest room all set up and organized for the many guests we'll have in the next few months.

I feel like it's baby-go-time. I'm getting to that point in my pregnancy that I just want my momma here, and am starting to get a little antsy for little pea to be born. I'm hoping this will be a very productive month and that the last few weeks of pregnancy will be smooth! 

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