a look back at 2014

Friday, January 2, 2015

I thought I would do a post looking back at 2014. It really was such a great year for us, with lots of highs and lows. Instead of doing multiple posts about what we did, here's a little recap of the highlights from each month with a link to check it out (if you care to). I feel like this is way more for me than for anyone else. It was fun to go through posts by month and reflect on all we did throughout the year. And dang, we did a lot of traveling and I quilted a lot!

- Lilly turned 6!
- diy hydrangea wreath (aka: one of my favorite wreaths!)
- Shiloh turned 3!
- we took a quick weekend visit back to Texas (that I was super sick for)

- I spent a week in Poland (here, herehere, and here)

- I started, and finished, the swoon quilt in two weeks (sourced it here, and then finished it here)
- we got pregnant!! (but didn't know it yet)

- I finished my first year of teaching

- I started teaching 2nd grade

- I finished the wintery x quilt
- we celebrated 4 years of being married

- we switched over to using Young Living essential oils
- we took a ski trip to Colorado (that I stayed indoors for) before little pea makes her arrival

I am beyond excited for all that 2015 will bring! From little pea to some great trips we have planned (really savoring our time we spend traveling and less about just getting there for the sake of it) to really getting back to the basics of life. I think this will be a year we'll treasure forever. 


  1. you've had a crazy blessed year darling! can't wait to see your baby girl this year!

  2. I've loved getting to know you through your blog and emails over the last few weeks. I am excited to watch your journey through motherhood. Thank you for always being so genuine and sweet.


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