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Monday, December 15, 2014

I have done really well this pregnancy about knowing when I'm feeling irrational and being able to control my emotions. Earlier this week, Danica and I were emailing about joys of pregnancy, and I told her sometimes, you just have a moment. I knew at the beginning of the week I was going to cry soon. Who knew it would be so dramatic that I couldn't get control of myself for an hour and just sobbed into my husband's lap?

My cause for tears were not completely justified. We were having a discussion about holidays spent with family and I missed my family, wanted to be able to make our own traditions in our home while still spending the holiday with our families, and essentially make everyone happy (aka: be in three places at the same time with everyone). Since that's impossible, I cried. And not cute little tears. No, no. I'm all congested after my fever late this past week, so it was big ugly tears with boogers and me huffing and puffing trying to pull it together, just for Austen to look at me and I'd lose it all over again.

So in honor of the whole I-miss-my-family moment I had, I thought I'd share some pictures my dad took during our Thanksgiving visit. We simply went into my parent's backyard for an impromptu photo sesh for their Christmas card. My parents have the sweetest 10 month old foster baby, and while I wish I could share pictures with his cuteness in it, we can't on social media. Just know, he totally steals the show in the majority of them!

At this point, my mom was sitting on the tree swing and fell off. Clearly, we all had some mixed thoughts about this (I'm also wondering if little pea punched me at this moment, the way I'm grabbing my belly and my cringe makes me think maybe she had)...

I'm convinced that my bump looks bigger in pictures than in real life. Even my sister-in-law made that comment in Texas after we took a picture together. She looked at it, looked at me and said, "Your bump looks much bigger in pictures than it actually does right now!" Yup. I'm still surprising people by telling them I'm pregnant (which makes me wonder if they just think I'm fat?), but hey, if that's what it takes so I can still fit into my loose fitting, flowy pre-pregnancy shirts then so be it.

I wish I could share the pics with our foster brother in them. He seriously is such a little joy and his faces in the pictures were too stinkin' precious. It is a great practice though, to publicly share less in a world where everything goes on social media. It reminds me of the verse that says how as everyone admired baby Jesus, Mary stored up all those memories and kept them close to her heart. Not everything has to be public, not everything has to be shared. Some things are memories best kept close to our hearts.

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  1. Sweet girl, I am more then thankful and blessed for our emails back and forth. You are such a wonderful friend to me through my pregnancy as well. The joys and the lows. Like you mentioned. All sentiment behind....the middle photo of you guys while your mom fell off the swing is too hilarious. Your face was the best! Haha!


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